Hoffman Lake House

Greenville, IL

Project Details

New Construction
36 Panels
20 Inverters
10 kW DC

Project Description

Initially, a newlywed couple lived in this home. A few years after installing geothermal, they saw the value of adding a solar PV array for ultimate energy-efficiency and cost-savings. Over the years, their family grew from two to four and they opted to build a new home on the same piece of property. The move allowed them to rent this home as another source of income. They found value in having both the geothermal and solar system installed for the rental house. They're able to rent for a fixed, flat fee, as they can easily see what their utility bills are, and finding a quality renter was seamless by advertising geothermal and solar features.

Installation Details

This couple opted for an oversized ground mount system that is located next to their shed. This array covers the home and shed's electrical and utility needs, which allows the owners to take advantage of their net metering policy due to the excess energy created. The location of this array allowed for easy wiring connections and the inverter to be mounted in the barn (optional). This installation was completed during a two-day period, with minimal ground disruptions. The couple also left additional space beside the installed ground mount for future solar additions, if needed.


Average monthly utility costs (with geothermal): $89

With the addition of solar PV: $0*

Yearly total savings: $2,873

*Does not include utility connection fees and other associated fees. Fees will vary based on the utility company policy.


Zobrist Electric
Highland, IL 62249
(618) 973-2282

Post Drilling on Ground Mount: 
Durbin Geothermal, Inc
Beecher City, IL 62414
(618) 487-5402


Zobrist Electric
Highland, IL 62249
(618) 973-2282

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