Loyd Pool Project

Brookfield, MO

Project Details

Horizontal Loop
Pool: 20 ft. x 40ft. | Pool House: 28 ft. x 68 ft.

Project Description

The Loyd family approached Scott Henderson of Macon Electric Heating and Air with a unique project that featured their indoor pool and pool house. The couple wanted to heat their 20 foot by 40 foot inground pool, 28 foot by 68 foot pool house, and floors surrounding the pool to a constant 86 degrees year-round. After talking with Henderson, the couple decided to go with geothermal heating, as it would save them hundreds to potentially thousands of dollars on their annual heating bill and have a less than two-year payback period (when compared to a conventional system). This one-of-a-kind geothermal install is the first type in this area.

Installation Details

This project included a five-ton GeoComfort Water-to-Water geothermal unit to heat the floor of the pool house and a six-ton GeoComfort Water-to-Water geothermal unit to heat the water in the pool itself. A special pool dehumidification unit was used for conditioning the air. This project also includes many unique features like avoiding metal ductwork due to the humidity level that may be created in the room, and strategically placing the piping in the concrete for maximum effectiveness for floor heating. A canvas-based ductwork system was included in this project for the dehumidification unit, as well as PEX piping being installed for the concrete floor heating.

Equipment Installed


Average Monthly Savings: $700

Payback Period: Two-years


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