Save Money on Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water Costs with a Geothermal Heat Pump

Why settle for a traditional furnace and air conditioner when you can have more?
What Is Geothermal?

What Is a Geothermal Heat Pump?

Learn about geothermal systems. See how the technology works and what it can do for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Geothermal?

Strong incentive programs and flexible payment plans make it easy to save money with geothermal.

Installation Spotlights

Real homes and buildings, real people: Meet some of our GeoComfort owners.

Earth-friendly heating, cooling, hot water, and power: geothermal + PV solar

Save Money

Save Money

Heating, cooling, and getting some (or all) of your hot water from a geothermal heat pump costs less than a traditional HVAC system. If you chose to finance your system, it can be paid off with the money you'll save on utility costs.

Live More Comfortably

GeoComfort geothermal systems are ridiculously quiet, lower humidity levels, and allow for zoning – so you can control the temperature of the areas you spend the most time in. Our systems are compatible with smart thermostats so you have control from anywhere.

Peace of Mind

Our units do not use any fossil fuels, which improves air quality and removes the potential for harmful gas and oil leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and fires. With geothermal, you can entirely eliminate fossil fuels in your home or building. 

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