Renovation to New Construction

Elizabeth, IL

Project Details

New Construction
Horizontal Loop
5,800 sq. ft.

Project Description

This family bought their property with a house on it. After research, it was decided renovating was not the best option, so new construction began. They chose geothermal due to the efficiency of using a renewable resource. David, the homeowner said, “After researching and comparing the different options for heating/cooling our house, we felt geo was the most cost-effective way in the long run.” The house has a very unique design so it takes care of the homeowners as a family, but also meets the needs of the parents as the kids grow. While this home doesn’t currently have PV solar, it is set up to do so in the future.

Installation Details

The placement of the house allows it to take advantage of passive solar heat. The windows, walls, and floors make it possible for the home to distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer. The house is set up with 9 zones using forced air and radiant, in-floor to heat and cool. The radiant floor is set in gyp-crete for further efficiency. The system uses an Aprilaire 8820 WiFi thermostats with humidity controllers. This allows the homeowners to remotely access the thermostats and monitor usage with a histogram.


Average yearly savings on heating and cooling costs: $3,826


Installer: Schuster Heating & Pump Co., Inc.
Peosta, Iowa
(563) 582 - 2148

Architect: Jim Baranski
(815) 777 - 3960

Builder: Nick Timmerman 
Montgomery Timmerman Construction
(815) 777 - 4912

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