Utah Ski Chalet

Brighton, UT

Project Details

New Construction
Vertical Loop
Radiant Floor
Pool Heating
4,000 sq. ft.

Project Description

This cozy mountain chalet is nestled in the Wasatch National Forest near the Brighton Ski Resort, and serves as a home-base for the owners’ snow adventures. The owners built it in 2006 as a vacation house to eventually live in full time when they retire. To make this getaway as comfortable as possible in the harsh climate of Utah, the owners focused on keeping a tight thermal envelope using closed cell spray foam in the walls, and they wanted to install a top of the line heating system.

Installation Details

Radiant tubing is run throughout the finished portion of the home using a light concrete material called “gyp-crete,” and in concrete slabs in the basement, garage, and driveway. Because the home is in a dry climate, the radiant floor heating is important in maintaining a comfortable humidity level in the home. The mechanical area is limited since it's located under a switchback staircase, but the unit is compact enough to fit in the tight space. The home also features HBX controls, Wi-Fi thermostats, and a TurboMax indirect hot water heater.

Equipment Installed


It costs $780 per year to keep this home heated October through May and provide 100% of the domestic hot water year round.


Installer: Central Valley Mechanical
Nephi, Utah
(435) 623-4121

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