Michael & Emily's Healthy Home

Wildwood, MO

Project Details

New Construction
Vertical Loop
Forced Air
3700 sq. ft.

Project Description

Michael and Emily wanted a new home that wouldn’t create problems for their child who suffers from allergies and asthma and a home that would be healthy for the whole family. They also wanted a fairly open plan with the ability to close off the kids’ wing. The design took into account a family with three young children, an active lifestyle, and relatives who come for visits. The five-bedroom, prairie-style home was built as a collaboration with ProudGreenHome, an independent, online, green building publisher. Photos courtesy of Hibbs Homes. 

Installation Details

The forced air geothermal system is configured into four temperature zones throughout the house and is paired with a hot water tank. The home meets a number of prominent green building standards, including Energy Star for Homes, ANSI ICC-700 The National Green Building Standard, DOE Zero Net Ready home, EPA Indoor airPlus, and WaterSense.

Equipment Installed


30% - 70% annually on heating and cooling costs.


Installer: Scott-Lee Heating Company
St. Louis, Missouri
(314) 756-9444

Builder: Hibbs Homes
(314) 392-9631

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