Compass WS | Single-Stage Water-to-Water

Compass WS

The GeoComfort WS single-stage, water-to-water heat pumps create heated or chilled water for use in a variety of heating and cooling applications, including radiant floor heating. These systems are lighter and more efficient than other water-to-water heat pumps and come standard with hot water assist for 25% - 40% cost savings on hot water annually. These heat pumps are a fit for small to large homes, net-zero homes, new construction or existing homes, storage buildings, and other structures where radiant heating is needed.


Enertech’s line of Hydronic air handlers and cased coils are a perfect match for our water-to-water units. Maximize comfort and quality by pairing the two together in your next project.
Compass WS


  • Available Sizes: 3 - 7 tons
  • Efficiencies: Up to 20.7 EER / 3.6 COP
  • Hot water assist
  • UL GREENGUARD Gold certified cabinet insulation
  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Single-stage compressor
  • Temperature sensor as part of system safeties
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Model Specifications:
  • Model WS036
    CAPACITY Full Load Part Load
    COOLING BTU/HR 36,100 -
    COOLING EER 17.3 -
    HEATING BTU/HR 31,600 -
    HEATING COP 3.1 -
  • Model WS048
    CAPACITY Full Load Part Load
    COOLING BTU/HR 49,400 -
    COOLING EER 16.6 -
    HEATING BTU/HR 45,700 -
    HEATING COP 3.2 -
  • Model WS060
    CAPACITY Full Load Part Load
    COOLING BTU/HR 58,100 -
    COOLING EER 16.5 -
    HEATING BTU/HR 53,700 -
    HEATING COP 3.2 -
  • Model WS072
    CAPACITY Full Load Part Load
    COOLING BTU/HR 72,500 -
    COOLING EER 16.7 -
    HEATING BTU/HR 62,800 -
    HEATING COP 3.1 -
  • Model WS084
    CAPACITY Full Load Part Load
    COOLING BTU/HR 84,300 -
    COOLING EER 16.1 -
    HEATING BTU/HR 70,100 -
    HEATING COP 3.1 -
  • Electronic Dynamic Filter
    Electronic Dynamic Filter
  • Electrostatic Filters
    Electrostatic Filters
  • Flow Centers
    Flow Centers
  • Auxiliary Heaters
    Auxiliary Heaters
  • EWC Zoning Dampers and Panels
    EWC Zoning Dampers and Panels
  • Multi-Position Hydronic Air-Handlers
    Multi-Position Hydronic Air-Handlers
  • Antifreeze
  • Equipment Pads
    Equipment Pads
  • ERV's
  • Multi-aqua Fan Coils
    Multi-aqua Fan Coils
  • Thermostats
We offer many optional accessories for each of our geothermal units:
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