Geothermal Accessories

We offer geothermal accessories to meet the needs of any residential or commercial building. Not all accessories are available for each geothermal series.

Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat

With an HD color touchscreen, the Sensi Wi-Fi touch is sleek and attractive. It allows home and building owners to control their temperature from anywhere, and additionally, it can change temperature setting based on GPS location. It is smart home compatible with easy-click, no screwdriver terminals for quick installation.

Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

The Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat allows home and building owners to control the temperature of their space no matter their location. It also has a place to program the installing contractor information, so the information can be accessed through the smartphone app, as well. This thermostat has multi thermostat control, is programmable for all 7 days of the week, and has extreme temperature notification.

Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat

This thermostat allows for remote sensing indoor or outdoor and at the thermostat, is programmable (7-day, 5-1-1 day) or non-programmable. It has enhanced dehumidification control, automatic daylight savings option, flow-through humidifier water-saving feature (saves up to 50%), and exclusive energy saving feature during peak A/C demand periods. 

Non-Programmable Thermostat

This thermostat has a large easy-to-read screen with a bright backlit display, adjustable temperature set point minimum/maximum limits, auto changeover, dual-fuel control, and 4 heating/2 cooling stages.

Electronic Dynamic Filter

This filter is a high-efficiency electronic air cleaner with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) equivalency rating of 13 (a typical fiberglass filter falls between one and four). It has disposable low static polarized media, and the media contains activated charcoal. It's available in the following sizes: 16" x 20" x 1" up to 28" x 34" x 1".

Electrostatic Filters

This filter is washable with three filtration layers for the highest air quality. It has self-charging media and has a lifetime warranty. It is available in the following sizes: 16" x 20" x 1" up to 38" x 36" x 1".

Flow Centers

The flow center is used to pump the water-based solution from the loop field to the unit(s) in the home. GeoComfort offers a variety of flow centers with features including double O-ring fittings or 1” NPT connections; foam insulated cabinet to stop condensation; fully assembled and leak tested; and a high impact polystyrene cabinet that will not rust.

Auxiliary Heaters

Residential GeoComfort Geothermal Systems have optional auxiliary (backup) heaters. The auxiliary heaters we offer have an automatic high limit and auxiliary limit switched for over temperature protection to keep your home, building, and equipment safe.

EWC Zoning Dampers and Panels

Set your home or building up in zones so you can regulate the temperature based on where you spend the most time in the structure. This allows for ultimate comfort, as well as further cost-savings during operation. We offer a variety of zoning dampers and panels to meet the needs of any situation.

Multi-Position Hydronic Air-Handlers

Hydronic air-handlers and cased coils are used with water-to-water and air-to-water heat pumps to allow for both radiant and forced-air climate control. The hydronic air-handlers and cased coils we offer are optimized for use with Enertech-manufactured heat pumps, have oversized copper tube/aluminum fin “A” coil for maximum efficiency, have a corrosion-proof plastic drain pan with primary and secondary drain connections to keep equipment safe, and the air-handlers have a variable-speed ECM fan motor for enhanced efficiency. 

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